On Existential issues

Advertisements Since getting a dose of AI treatment I like many other people have rather worried about things I had previously taken for granted. Like what exactly does it mean to be human. Empathy? Sure. But what is it. It can be mimicked easily. Watch any decent movie. Empathy flows everywhere in movies, no els, On Existential issues

Do Humans Think

Advertisements ChatGPT has created a storm, in favor and against, although it is not the only Large Language Model around. The way it writes complex theses can only be compared with human writing. But does ChatGPT think while writing. I asked the LLM itself and it said it has no idea what think means but Do Humans Think

Fiction and Society

Advertisements Authors write. I am talking about authors of fiction. Tales are told of the past, the future, of other worlds, of super-creatures and the supernatural. I am myself guilty of this.  Why are stories of the present absent in fiction. One could draw parables. One could sketch the situation today but only after a Fiction and Society

Time and other things.

Advertisements Time has not received the same attention as space because it is more complex than the geometrical space. Space curves, bends on itself and has tremendous burrows in it. Even more importantly you can move in any direction you choose in space and return to where you started from. Like two steps forward and Time and other things.

The Mother

The gods are listening, my children. They permeate everything, you, me, the stars, the dark matter, everything. To you. Your fears and anxieties. Go without fear.


Think of infinite universes existing in infinite times simultaneously and you are with me

Focus Focus more Focus

Advertisements What you see with your human eyes is called the real world. We believe it is real anyway. And that is quite correct. Because we live in that world anyway. Remember Maslow. But it is good to know that there is another world we can inhabit. And that world is both inside and outside Focus Focus more Focus

The wonder of the soul.

Advertisements The sad thing about the body is that it is limited in volume. Unlike some gentlemen and ladies from the myths, no one can expand or contract their body. And yet, inside this meager body, the limitless soul is confined. Have you seen the soul? If you have, you are probably dead already. But The wonder of the soul.

Literary agents in India

Advertisements This breed is so rare you have to catch hold of a bunch and stare through a microscope to find at least one good one. Mostly you will fail. As I said earlier the traditional publishing industry in India is so high brow that many do not even respond with a rejection mail. Believe Literary agents in India

Suicide and difficulty thereof

Advertisements There are ways and ways to end your life yourself. That is called suicide and is actually prohibited in some religions not to mention the law in some countries. Given all this one would think that suicide is easy like eating. Be assured it is not. It is worse than trying to sleep. The Suicide and difficulty thereof


I fall. From the cocoon to death. I try to scream. I cannot.

Back to the nasion.

Advertisements Close your eyes. Focus right in front of you. Recall what was in front of you. Bring your eyes towards each other. That movement is the job of the medial rectus muscle. It will get tired. And it will pain a bit. So keep your eyes focussed on the nasion for less than five Back to the nasion.

Is yours A planned life

Advertisements Plan it down to the minute. Life. The two most important points in life birth and the end thereof are not planned by you. And yet as adults we feel the overwhelming need for a planner. Professional life – all right. You need a schedule. But planning the entire life is kind of unnatural. Is yours A planned life

The Nasion and You

Remove all the garbage from your mind. One by one. Slowly. No hurry. God will not run away or die

Dictatorship of Emotions.

Advertisements Do you get angry easily. Or sad. Or annoyed. Maybe depressed. That is likely your amygdala acting up. This is not the best of times to be alive. I am not talking about the pandemic. Most of us got through that with masks, distance and washing hands with soap. We will get over that. Dictatorship of Emotions.

And now the juices flow

Advertisements Like from a rare steak. I don’t understand the mindset that gets this thing going or stopping. It is like people living downstream of a dam who don’t hear the warning and drown in glee. Maybe the dammed-up creative waters will be released by unknown forces. I know there is no point worrying about And now the juices flow

With Darkness came Death

Advertisements With Darkness Came Death is my third novel. It is about a guy who thinks he is a species of more highly evolved Homo sapiens. He feels that the current version of Humans need updation, and fast, because the firmware is outdated. I will write more about this person. He interests me greatly because With Darkness came Death

Publishing Woes

Advertisements The problem a novice faces in the publishing industry is that nothing carries as much weight as a well-known name. But you need the publishing industry to gain that name.

The Conflict of Karna

The Mahabharata war is over and millions lie dead in the battlefield of Kurukshetra. As the cremation function ends, Kunti the mother of the King, Yudhishtir, shocks everyone by her announcement that Karna is her son. But was he?

Into the Block

A work of art has a life of its own. It is alive. It breathes and eats. You are its food. The characters you think you created, created themselves from the seed they planted in your mind.

On writing

How do you write? Any particular technique.?

Creativity and Channeling

Advertisements Nature has built Creativity into all animals, including humans. I agree, I can’t imagine a cliche’ worse than that. In humans it has reached a stage where we even have nightmares like dogs. We wonder about things way beyond any other animal, too. So what is creativity? At the risk of another cliche’ let Creativity and Channeling

What is the village

Advertisements The novel “The Village of Shadows” is obviously about a village. A small peaceful village in south Kerala. Such villages with people very much into peace and quiet would be familiar to people of Kerala above fifty years of age. That means the life described in the story is over half a century old. What is the village