The Village of Shadows


In my novel The Village of Shadows I tried to examine life in a small village in Kerala about fifty years ago. Life then was different with little worrying and little entertaining. So the villagers often drifted into ways not quite appropriate. The novel as such does not attempt to be judgemental. It merely describes the life in the Village. And a final purge.

This book was published on 26 Dec 2019. At that I did not know it but the first case of Covid had been reported a month earlier.. Consequently the print edition was withdrawn in early March 2020. Publication of the print edition lasted just two months

Now the eBook alone is available for the interested reader. The book,although included in the genre mystery thriller is certainly not a thriller. That is a crime of which I can never be blamed.

it is a description of a Village I knew and loved . A Village metamorphosed beyond recognition.

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