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I am not an expert. Far from it, with just two novels and very little readership. What most of the experts say is to adopt some method like the snowflake or something. The fundamental premise is that of conflict and conflict resolution.

I am myself a person with lots of conflicts none of which have been resolved. And there are lucky people who never face a single conflict. The second category will not make interesting reading because it a boring cycle of wake up – work-come back home-eat-slerp and repeat. Stories can be made of this too without the a snowflakes or any other models


  • mahind81 says:

    True Pradeep , It si more easily done if there is a lot off conflicts and writing involved as a sort of conflict resolution. But even the monotonous life of wake-eat-work -eat- sleep(,may i add occasional copulate) will aslo have something to say. I believe that apart from the conflict resolution, it is more about wanting to tell something to someone that drives a writer. He can tell it to an empty space, or to millions, both serve the purpose of letting out the urge to tell something. . Here even a monotonous life cycle will also help. I have read somewhere the words of Steinbeck. He compares this urge , or desire of expression , the need to tell something to the world as the urge of the child who draws pictures on the walls with a piece of charcoal, is equal to Gautama Buddha scoring the minds of millions of people with his words.

    • Pradeep VM – Doctor by profession. Author by inclination. Started publishing Dec 2019, Published three novels "The Village of Shadows," and "The Conflict of Karna." and "With Darkness came Death." You are right; I enjoy the dark side.
      Pradeep VM says:

      Thank you Mahesh for your comment. You know I hate formalization. That is what is being done to good old art or creative writing.

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