On writing

Conflict of Karna

I confess that I am not qualified to write about writing. But I read up as much as I could about how to write and realized that following any particular ‘technique’ of writing is not for me. Not for me the one line summary of the plot and building up of the tale around that. I agree that it is a good idea.

It is like a budding tree. The seed, the root and then the trunk and branches. That is the I write. May be this is not the best method for today’s writers. But it works fine for me.

The tough part is getting hold of the seed.  That one is elusive. It often comes at the oddest time. And often in the last place you want it to come. The thing is after a while it will go away; so I capture it, sometimes on tissue paper in the hotel. Now  mostly in the notepad on my phone.


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