The English you never knew


English is like football. It is the language of the masses almost everywhere in the world. No, I did not mean that. Go to any place in the world and wander around a bit. You are likely to find someone who understands English. The people of England, seafaring warriors, and cunning to boot, carried the language of the British Islands to all places and settled there in their own version. Like the English in America, now the more popular of the two versions.

I mean, although English has a formal structure as every language should have, the rules here are flexible. The language adapts to any tongue and adjusts to any group of people. But there it develops a structure unique to the people who use it. The most direct example is American English.

Indian English has struck a path all its own, with a predominance of passive voice detested by all native English speakers. The -ing is another specialty of Inglish. Despite such violations. The intent is clear and so is the meaning.

Take English in England, USA and Australia. I even read a feature on why the English of the Britishers is so heavily accented. So like humans spread this unique language spread from a few speakers on a small island nation to mutate into a multitude of tongues, like Babel.

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