The Human Brain. A universe-wide computing system


Today I will try to lay the foundation of my beliefs embodied by my characters in my novels.

The brain is just a mass of soft tissue, weighing barely one and a half kilos. And yet the power of this massive computing system should be the thesis of much work. Each brain is a node in a universal bio-network, extending from the Planck length and less to the universe of infinite dimensions and more. It can even understand itself.

Humans thanks to a widely networked system are part of a system that spreads all over the universe and multiverse if they exist. And I for one believe they do. We can think of alternate realities, in which we have a role and exist in different spaces at the same time. I have characters in my novels who exist outside time, and maybe outside space.

The brain communicates not across wires or without wires. It communicates by thoughts and dreams. It spans the entire human existence from prehistory to now and beyond.

And the creation-sustenance-destruction stories are true. Universes get created all the time. They vanish, not into nothing. They vanish into infinity. Born from nothing and ending in the nothingness of infinity.

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