The Human Network


What is the human brain, but a massive fuzzy computer? Able to take information from all over the body, it lives in and from outside. We all know that. But is that all?

I think the human brain is a node in a vast, intergalactic, universe-wide network. If you can think about and dream about the entire possibly infinite universe and go beyond that into other universes surely this one and a half kilogram of soft tissue must be able to meld with it. It even travels outside the universe, conceives other existences, other universes, and alternate realities. Do multi-verses exist. I do not care. I can think about them. I can also think about being in two places at once

Cogito, ergo sum

The brain comprehends the Planck length and the never ending universe. It thinks about the origin of infinity and travels through time.

I like to think of the human brain as the first step in the making of a massive network of biological processing systems linked not by wires but by thoughts and some processes we do not yet understand. There is also a mysterious gathering point for all this information that lives both inside and outside the human brain. We have transmitted this collective repository of knowledge in its essential aspects across the eons, by a process, we do not yet grasp. I agree with Roger Penrose. I agree with idea that a universe

The linear model of the generation and dissolution of the universe.

How did the ancients

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