What is telepathic networking


This concept has existed since the dawn of civilization. It is about communication in a plane above the physical. The ancient Rishis of India were adepts in that mode of communication. The could communicate over vast distances without ever moving a centimeter. Such communion is not bounded by the physical world. I believe that such gents exist outside the space-time framework as we know it today. Looking at the Kardashev Type VI civilization as many have done, space and time would make no sense, nor would they be impede the flow of communication.

I also think that there is a spiritual continuum where the collective memories are stored and propagated over the eons. The repository grows with each individual contribution. The stage will be when there are no longer individuals in flesh and blood. Separate entities struggling to survive in a hostile universe. They will all fuse into one collective spirit spread through out the known and unknown worlds. From the smaller than the quanta to the multiverses and beyond.

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