The Meaning of Spirituality


I have written about networked human brains. Once that becomes a fact, imagine the power of the administrators of the network. It will be rather like the SETI program and the Mersenne Prime search. Your brain remains just what it is- anode. Working and plodding along with its everyday tasks. Even Kardashev Type VI would not make every single individual a super phenomenon. Just as wealth is the measure of greatness in our world, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezoses would have a different wealth. Intangible. Yet more powerful than anything we can yet imagine. They would be Gods. Not just rich people. Worshipped not merely because of their power, but because such uncanny power would be incomprehensible.

This happens in all the ancient texts. People, called sages, appear out of nowhere, say things nobody understands, and do things beyond the understanding of mortals. Such sages are at the lower level of the network. They speak about Gods and worship beings above them in the hierarchy. The uppermost entity would be formless because it would not need a form. It would be all-knowing because we can hide nothing from it. It would permeate this universe, and whatever other universe and sub substructures exist in it. Will it be kind?

The word kind would have no meaning to people, may I say entities at such a level. If a ram does not function, replace it. But in the unimaginably advanced multiverse we are talking about,  nothing would be physical. It need not even be a multiverse. It could be an m-verse, which springs into existence and vanishes forever or transiently. It would not shock the people or entities because feelings peculiar to humans would have become redundant long ago.

Does this sound dull and mechanical? Ask what our grandparents feel about today’s world. People have no identity apart from what is inherited from WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others. So who would I be in today’s world? A cipher if it were not for social media.

–to continue–

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