Time. And Time, again.


Come on VMP. You don’t have to cling on to your obsession with space-time and put that into every novel you write. No one, not even the publisher understands anything I say. And I assure you I did say a lot about space and timelines. But they understand only deadlines not timelines the way I see them.

He says “the story is narrated in the past tense”. Come on, friend. The story begins on a particular day in a person’s life and goes on till his death. There it stops. The story is narrated by this guy. How can he narrate it in the past tense.

True he reminisces. Those parts are described through his own thoughts and so gets weird with the tense.

Maybe space-time is not his forte. But the character goes into future as well. Maybe I was not explicit enough about that.

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