Don’t think twice. Apocalypse began long ago. Over five millennia ago. On 17/18 February 3102 BCE. How do I know this, you ask? I don’t. The ancient texts of India state this as a fact. That was the day Krishna was killed. We still have 428,899 years left before the present Kaliyuga ends.

During this time of hardship, to which as a species we have gotten accustomed, much will happen that might drive humanity to extinction along with many other species. Meanwhile, we would be at Kardashev 1+, inhabiting at least Mars. But that is for the super-rich. Age will be conquered and soon Death as well. Again, that is for the super-rich.

With a bit of planning, the same planning that made some guys super-rich and left others super poor, most of the overflowing humanity can be wiped out. We don’t need aliens for that. Or an asteroid. Or even a disease.  We can, and I think we will do that to ourselves. In the category of ours, I do not include those whom I have classified as occupants of Mars or the guys who can afford to live young forever.

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