And then he was born


It is not always that anyone wishes to be born. It is harsher than death. You don’t have any choice from the time the zygote is formed you’re born against your will. Death gives you a chance. If you are brave enough. But birth, birth is absolutely beyond your control. A man and a woman decide to have a baby. From that time you are doomed.

Your parents decide and they don’t ask you. Sometimes even they are do not realise that you, a new life, has been created. It is a coincidence of fatalities that led to your birth.

Your head is squeezed out through the narrow birth canal. Pushing the tiny cartilaginous plates of your skull out of shape. And you are born. All slimy, covered with blood, mucous and the fluids of the woman who is your mother, May she be hallowed.

And you grow up. You had it friend . Are you black, brown? Are your eyes skewed? You might as well be an alien. Unwanted.

And you yearn for a good life. With enough food, good water. Think again. You are lucky if you get food once in a week.

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