Ok, this won’t interest you too much. It is personal. Very personal. So don’t go blaming me after you have wasted your time reading it. I may not even update it regularly. Only when I am feeling particularly under.

Given that, i should tell ya why i chose solitary instead of loner. That nick,loner, my favourite, has been taken. So there. But then i am a loner-too. So loner2 makes some kind of silly sense. Right? Right. But then there is already (which incidentally is my own !!).

So why this solitary stuff? Basically as a backup. It is the same thing, more or less that you woud find at the above loner2 blog. Maybe I would add a bit here or remove another bit there. But the story line is the same.

I am sure there are many loners out there. Now I officially join their ranks.

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