Dictatorship of Emotions.


Do you get angry easily. Or sad. Or annoyed. Maybe depressed.

That is likely your amygdala acting up. This is not the best of times to be alive. I am not talking about the pandemic. Most of us got through that with masks, distance and washing hands with soap. We will get over that.

What we will not get over is ourselves. The basic human instincts that make us so deadly.

Do you commute? Do you know the guy or girl sitting next to you. Looks very normal doesn’t (S)he. But what is going through the convoluted grey matter inside that skull. No, I don’t think it is spirituality and good will towards humanity.

Mostly the thoughts must be on work, kids, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, the next dose of molly. And why not. Life is not kind. The mind is stressed and there is no way anyone can tell when it will crack.

That is the problem. Too much city. Too much money. Too much everything. Too many distractions. And you are stressed. That does not help one bit.

And you don’t find Munshi every day. We will work this out. Together. If you think we can let us begin.

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