The Nasion and You


Think of your eyes. I assume you have two eyes. The nose comes in the center from just below the junction of the eyebrows. Nasion is the imaginary point where the eyebrows and nose would have met. Draw a vertical line upwards and it will go along the groove of the brain with the left and right lobes on either side.

I don’t know what time you wake up, guys. The ancients used to wake up at about 0330. That is when the eastern sky just blushes. She blushes because the lord and master of the sky, the Sun, is about to rise. We will learn more about the sun once we reach Kardashev I. The sky is at peace, and so is the world. By 0500 world changes. In prisons death row men and sometimes women meet their end, while most of us still repose in the embrace of sleep and dreams.

Did you have a bad day? The sales curve took a nosedive? The boss had a go at you? Even your friends looked at you and shook their heads in silence. That is the best time to meditate. When you are totally down. I say meditate because that is more powerful than any drug.

Sit facing the east.

First things first. Don’t feel like a fool. You are alone with your problems. Even if you are sitting with a group, tell yourself you are alone. Don’t think of the boss, or your colleagues, or your next paycheck. Don’t even think about your friend who left you. Or your next meal. Decide your own priorities. Personalize the cleaning of your mind. Maybe you have to kick the boss out first. Or it may be the employee you have to fire tomorrow. Or your rent. Or if you are on the street, it might be just how to keep the soul intact in your body. Maybe you also dream of dignity.

Remember. Noone. Nothing can take away your dignity.

Sit facing the east. You could tell yourself that way is east. Soon the giver of life will rise in glory. But then I cannot look at him and hope to see anything else again Say that to yourself. He is powerful. He is eternal, compared with your life expectancy. This sun has seen the earth being born. And life bloom on the earth. He even saw your birth- blood, mucous, and a meconium-stained bag of new life screaming at the unknown world of light.

Remove all the garbage from your mind. One by one. Slowly. No hurry. God will not run away or die. And focus. On the nasion. The nasion. The place where the forehead dips and nose rises. The sun stands in front of you, although he is not yet risen. You will not see his glory until you practice some more. Much more. But he is there. And watching you. As you probe your own brain. Above the right eye-the right brain. Above the left eye- the left brain. In front is the frontal lobe where You live. Unknown to yourself.

Get the boss out. You are the boss. You decide how you live or die in below the sun. Nothing exists except you and the point you are now focussing on. It is hard to focus. You hear a sound and you look. Do not feel bad. That is the animal in you. Ever wary of danger. But here you are safe. Focus. Keep your flights of the mind for a second or two or three on the point. If you could keep for at least three seconds on the first day, you are super. The universe loves you. The milky way loves you. So does the sun.

Do not move now. Your mind is not in you. Do not move. Don’t bother about Padmasana. Sit in the same chair. You are comfortable. Now your eyes flit back to the point. Now they wander away. They are playing with you. You do not see the light of the world in front of your closed eyes. But this is only day 1.

Slowly, keeping the mind fixed on the point, open your eyes. They are tired, your eyes, and they see nothing except the wall. That is all right. You will see more and you will learn how to throw your mind out, far away.

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