Back to the nasion.


Close your eyes. Focus right in front of you. Recall what was in front of you. Bring your eyes towards each other. That movement is the job of the medial rectus muscle. It will get tired. And it will pain a bit. So keep your eyes focussed on the nasion for less than five minutes.

Now comes the tough part. Getting your mind to calm down. To release all the tension in your mind. To begin with you won’t be able to keep your concentration for just some seconds. Do not force your mind. If you do it will not obey you.

If you can do this with a blank mind for a couple of seconds on your first day you are supernatural. No chants, no mantras on this day.

Because you are trying to open a portal into another world. That door will not open easily. If it did we would all be supermen.

So friend try this. Two minutes a day.

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