Write to a genre. My foot and yours too.


Just what is a genre. The creation of an artist is classified into a subgroup so that mortals can imagine they understand what the stuff is all about.

My first novel, which is more of a chronicle than anything else and cries for a second part, was mistakenly put in a genre called Thriller. So all the guys looking for thrills came there shouted unspeakable words.

The reader of this day is so accustomed to the idea of genre that if you put say the “War and Peace” he won’t read it not least because of its length. In great books lives entwine like the roots of adjacent trees and tell each other tales before passing on to survive or perish.

A standard book these days follow the sinusoid curve of Kurt Vonnegut with only the positive section showing. About three fourth of the way you realise what is going to happen next and the author introduces a twist, tying up the story in most unexpected ways. Makes thrilling reading. That I grant.

You can write differently. But first make sure you have a reasonable income independent of your writing. Because that will mostly go unnoticed.

Why do such works go unnoticed? Is it because they are inherently bad or is it because has the time to watch a five day test Match which ends in a draw. In short boring. I now move towards the opinion that maybe in this hectic world of ours they are tiresome,

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