Literary agents in India


This breed is so rare you have to catch hold of a bunch and stare through a microscope to find at least one good one. Mostly you will fail.

As I said earlier the traditional publishing industry in India is so high brow that many do not even respond with a rejection mail. Believe it or not the few who call themselves literary agents follow the same policy.

Maybe the landscape will change now that the author has some choice and I am not talking about the T.Rex es of publishing. Their tribe has increased substantially and all of them show a positive profit graph.

I must confess that Indian literary agents do have a serious problem. That problem is the extraordinary variety of the country. Not just in speech, variety strikes at the very roots of life in India. The way of life, food, even how you sleep and how you are cremated.

So the agent has to sub specialise not just in genre but in language as well.

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