Beyond the Nasion


More than a week has gone by. Those took my words seriously must have spent about half an hour over the week trying hard to focus on the base of cosmic energy hidden inside you.

There are more difficult ways to do the same thing until the Kundalini force dormant inside you is awakened and reveals what you could never have imagined. The situation where you are one with nature. That includes uni and multiverses and the subatomic world.

Have you concentrated your entire psyche on your third eye. Not quite the third eye which is too powerful for the novice. The nasion comes directly beneath the all seeing eye. Even that eye is not as powerful as the kundalini. But if time permits we will come to that

Let me recall what we started. You sit facing the east. Close your eyes and bring the eyes to focus on the upper end of your nose. Brest normally. Don’t try any pranayama technique now. This is too early for that.

Keep your hands on your lap. If you are not done it before don’t bother about Padmasana. Especially if you have pain and arthritis in tour lower limbs. Just breathe the way you normally do.

But keep all thoughts away from your mind and all sounds away from your ears. Feel nothing on your skin. No smell must bother your nose

Count your breaths. Don’t worry about the number of breaths. But next day take the same number. And the day after that and the day after that for the next week.

Don’t let the slow progress bother you. It takes time. To merge with the universe.

If till now you focused on your eyes now you also focus on your breath. This is the beginning. We will take this up after two weeks.

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