Life after death. For you and me.


Humans generally like things which are definite. Clear. Birth has that quality. A tiny baby comes into existence and cries too.

Death is the opposite. We all know that and most of us fear that. Because what is ceases to be. For our consolation we say something left. We don’t know what.

What happens after death?

That is the mystery of death. Simple answer: No idea. How about near death experiences. The white aura. The calm environment. Maybe even a look at God.

I have been through near death experience myself. Three times and I have no business to be alive now. Once in was even declared dead. But I came out.

The funny thing is I didn’t see any white light or angels. I did not get to see God either.

Assuming I had died what would have happened to me. I know what will happen to my body. We all know what will happen to our beautiful beloved body. It becomes ashes, food for animals or putrefaction takes over.

But that is not what we mean by life after death. We refer to something we don’t have the slightest idea about. In my novels, especially the one I am writing now, I tried to handle this topic.

The world is now a bad place. After five extinctions and two world wars we still don’t know how to cope with ourselves. That is the strange part: we are our enemy.

While most of us don’t even think about such things except some of the lovely people following me the pressure tells on every one of us. It is the good old butterfly in Tokyo flapping its fragile wings.

It’s wing beat hits our heart, our soul or whatever we choose to call it. It is this soul or mind that is supposed to leave our poor body when we die.

The tricky question is does the soul exist. I am not talking about God. Does the soul exist. If it does not there is no point in talking about life after death. So as in science we assume it exists and seek the absurdities that might arise.

Some gentlemen say that weight of the body decreases by a nano gram or so. I even read this in a popular novel. All I can say politely is that I don’t believe a word of that.

But if we do have soul what happens to it once the body perishes. Go to the purgatory to await judgment. Or recycle depending on the quantum of good you have done in the life that just ended.

The soul says the Gita is neither born nor dies. For it is part of a super super power called the Brahman.

But each religion to itself. The fact is we don’t know.

One could suppose that a highly advanced and probably formless civilisation spread over a multitude of universes could be the control Center. If the word Center makes any sense in such a context.

More on this later.

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