It is hard defying yourself


I tried it. I tell you it is hard. Really.

Look at it this way. I am human not a hen. I have what I believe is a brain. And with no proof whatsoever I believe I live in my brain.

Everything detected by my senses go to the brain. Then the brain tells me that you have seen this or heard this or smelled this. You name it.

It also tells me I am I. Not the guy standing next to me. He and I are different because my brain tells me so and I suppose his brain tells him so too. My brain tells me move your right hand and my right hand moves. Not the right hand of someone else. The brain decides the physical boundaries of myself.

I am convinced that the entire humanity is networked via the brain. More on that later. I have expanded this theme in some of my novels. How this network works is also a topic for later.

Right now my question is-is the brain a standalone PC with a spiritual network connecting them. Is that why I feel sad when I read about people dying on the other side of the globe.

Does the brain make what I am? That cannot be. It is a processor. It is guided by some thing else. Mind? Where is that thing, the Mind, located. This is important because I am what I am because of the mind not the brain.

A good person. A monster. Nothing is under the control of the brain alone. Yes. I have read about the observations in PET and MR scans

Are such external controls good. I am confused. Th m

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