Of Ghosts and Humans – including me


I die. OK. I am alive now. But I will pass on. And become a spirit. Inhabiting a world beyond my reach and comprehension right now.

Or will I?

Honestly i do not know. I am sure you do not either. And yet we devote a major part of our time to worrying about the end of life and about the after life.

Let us look at it a chemist would. Or a physicist would. In either case there is no concept of an ethereal being wandering about in the stillness of night.

This is a construct of religions, which in turn are mainly based on our own fears and apprehensions, the same way a criminal fears the police. And is fearful of life in the prison. The uncertainty of  afterlife does not hold for life in the prison of course. But the apprehension certainly does.

But I find the idea of posthumous life fascinating. And who does not. I am not talking about Casper. Surely life of just a few decades has no meaning. We don’t get time even to finish studying. And I cannot believe that all the material that human genius had collected over the centuries is for an elite, who themselves cannot finish the work.

Did hear the word AI. Maybe that is the future of humanity. get out of bodies with our brains in some kind of buffer solution inside a metal case, instead of bone. This might be what ghosts are really.

That is why they don’t scare us. That is why they don’t come visiting us like Wee Willie Winkie.

Have you ever seen one of them? You should.

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