Focus Focus more Focus


What you see with your human eyes is called the real world. We believe it is real anyway. And that is quite correct. Because we live in that world anyway. Remember Maslow.

But it is good to know that there is another world we can inhabit. And that world is both inside and outside you.

Is it a good world. Each one must judge for himself. It is possible that you may not like it. Although I do.

Is it the world of the God. Now that is tricky. For knowledge of God is not easy to acquire.

The nasion was a simple beginning. I am sure those who realized how serious I was has been practicing for over a month now.

It is time to take one more step. Of the several that remain.

This level requires not merely concentrating on the thousand petaled lotus. That is very far away.

Right now we need to increase the level of focus in ourselves. Why ourselves you ask? As I said there is a whole new world inside us that we have never explored.

This world is compressed like a neutron star without the weight and the boundaries.

This is the world we need to enter into and explore. Because it is the link that connects a person with the universe. The journey is not smooth, not paved with soft petals. Only the brave should attempt this. Because in the end you do not gain things which will make your life better in this world…




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