Spilled milk and loss


There is no point crying over that milk or the past. Neither can be changed. You will not use the spilled milk nor will the past change.

Not in the universe we know about anyway.

People make mistakes. Most of the mistakes cannot be corrected. Because it is past. Over. Finished.

This is true of life and writing too. Once you publish a book of fiction there is nothing more to be done about it. It is not a scientific book where you can publish another revision.

But not with stories.

There comes the editor. Nothing good comes from you editing your own work because it is your child. Get hold of a ruthless editor.

Life too is like that. You cannot assess your own life. Because it is about you. Ask your worst enemy if you want to know what you are all about.

But future is different. You can change your life. You can change your writing. The style of writing or the theme you choose or the settings.

Changing your life or your writing does not mean you will become a celeb. Or sell more books. It only means you will be a better person and your writing will reflect that.


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