Worried? Go to the Lake


Think of a lake in the midst of a battle. A battle of the ancient kind. With swords and spears; not remote controlled drones. But if you are particular you may think of that kind of war game too where the enemy is never seen.

In spite of all the brutality going on around it the lake remains calm. Even if the soldiers fall into it and spill their precious blood of life into its waters the turbulence in the lake evens out and it becomes as it was.

Likewise have a calm cool imperturbable lake inside your mind. That is you and your space. A refuge, a panic room. Let no emotions, happiness, malice, ambition, enter your private lake.

Today life is so full of stress that your heart and your endocrines and your sympathetic system cannot cope with it unless boosted with medication. After all our system is designed to exist in the mist of eons long gone.

That placid cave and forest have vanished forever. They are not coming back and you are not going back.

What do we do. We create our own cave and lake and lush greenery in a space in our own mind. We do not hide there because of fear. We relax in the hands of Nature listening to her lullabies.

You can do this with practice. And it is much better then any crack or weed. You don’t need them.

Do you not trust in yourself. Do you not know Mother Nature nurtures you and takes you back. But you have to allow those caresses of true love reach you. Do not shut them out. They will save you, protect you in her primitive womb.

You can be in two places at once: in your regular life and also in the lake. That is important. You can walk on the water or take dip or just lay your tired mind on the moist grass. This doesn’t take time. But it does require practice. Once you have enough practice you can even visit the lake with your eyes wide open. Without affecting your job.

But how do you reach there. That is for another post. Maybe next week.

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