Dark matter and the Lake


Our body is almost seventy five percent water. Just like dark matter and energy in the universe.

This dark stuff is just there. For the dark matter we don’t exist. In the sense of awareness we do not exist.

The soul is rather like that. We talk about the soul Jeevatma as it is called without realising what we are talking about.

It is like a universe filled three fourths with dark matter about which we do not yet know anything. The universal soul , the Paramathma, exists all around us but we know nothing about it.

If it does nothing and does not affect us then why study about it. That is like asking why bother about the dark matter. It does nothing anyway.

Here we speak as a lump of flesh and bones endowed with the ability to think. Our thoughts never go beyond the Maslow pyramid. We do not see the dark matter energy surrounding us.

Thus it is with the lake we talked about earlier. It is there. We even see it’s mirage on occasions. But walk towards it and you realise how elusive it is. And it is right inside you.

That journey is not essential. You don’t have to do it. You can still live and perish.

The joy of a sip of that cool water cannot be known unless you take the first steps, overcoming doubts.

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