Do not neglect the Soul


I have used the word soul so many times I feel foolish saying that again. And yet it is like water. Even if you don’t like it you need to drink it.

Whether you don’t like your soul or the word raises the hairs on the back of your neck, it cannot be ignored. Sure you can ignore it like you could ignore a train coming straight at you.

It is hard to locate. Not like you can point to some part of your body and say here is embedded my soul. You can say that about your hands, feet, your head and your heart and whatever other organs you know about.

This guy evades definition. It hides so well that it cannot be located. You can live your whole life without ever thinking about it.

But an end awaits each one of us. At least for some more time. That is the you recall all the dreadful things you have done in your life such as killing, robbing, and whatever else your upbringing has taught you is wrong. That is when you wonder what will happen to you on the other side of the curtain.

Take today. Or yesterday. Did you find time to think about your faithful soul. Thank it for being steadfast with you although the time to part is imminent. There is not a second more to dally. And suddenly Soul acquires a capital S.

But is it too late. Will apologies do. Or is it time for judgement.

How easy it would have been if you had a widget to remind you of your soul which asks for nothing. Has never asked for anything. Has not taken anything. It has been a silent partner.

This widget is not the meditation apps or yoga apps you get in plenty. The soul does not ask for anything. Because it needs nothing. It is neither good nor bad. It neither loves you nor hates you.

It is here because you are here as a fragment of life. And the soul is a fragment of the multiverse. Hidden inside you.

Try to recall the soul on occasions.


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