Wrong Timing


I keep getting my timing wrong. With COVID. Like most people I also knew there was a second wave coming. But never guessed it would be so brutal. That is for forgetting old Malthus as I said elsewhere. There are just too many of us on the fragile blue planet.

It is not fair to talk about anything but this unseen virus these days. Days spent worrying. Yes, I know. But try telling people it doesn’t matter. I have five cases scattered in my family tree upto first node.

And yet I am surprised that it does not worry me too much. I am certain that we will get over this pandemic and face the environmental crisis adequately.

It is a pity that viruses do not worry about interbreeding!

But now is the time our spirit is put to the test and I am glad everyone faced the challenge with courage. And camaraderie.

I bow to nature. She knows when to pamper and when to crack the whip. That is why she is worshipped. And feared, like a mother chastising her reckless kids.

Amazing. How the work model has changed in just one year. No more the crowded workplaces. Work place is the home. A new paradigm has emerged. We have to uncrowd the cities and live in smaller clusters. Less international travels and bye to many things we thought we could not live without until barely a year ago. Why, it has been over a year since we saw each other’s faces. And what are we without faces.

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