The Dilemma


I know that words will not throw COVID out of our world. I say our world advisedly. With a virulent pandemic spreading at amazing speed in all its five or six variants, the risk is not confined to a geographic zone. It can never be so confined because SARS Cov 2 is not good with geography or politics or anything else human. Except that we make an excellent host. It is a poor infector but then there are about thirteen billion of us getting more and more frustrated with the restrictions.

Sometimes I am surprised that people have not rebelled. That says a lot about civic sense, the most important weapon against the marauder. It’s kill rate is low but the induced panic and now the pandemic fatigue as it is called have wrought havoc mainly on our egos and our economy.

The government’s do not require much provocation to enforce harsh conditions. This being a war the old aphorism about ours but to obey is in force.

Why such a long preamble. Because I do not want write fantasy in this situation. That would be as congruous as a nose on the back of the skull.

I do what I can among the affected people and I am surprised at their courage.

I wonder I will be as brave.

So my regular writing will have to wait. Apologies.

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