Delayed writing.


Better late than never does not work for blogs. You have to write. Regularly.

I do not. Indeed I hardy ever do anything regularly. Except maybe my original profession.

I find myself in the midst of a situation of almost apocalyptic proportions. The fury of Covid is still blazing. Spending over a year and half in one’s house and venturing out as if the virus is just waiting to pounce on me has generated the so called pandemic fatigue. A dangerous condition.

And now Mucormycosis. And then what else. We have no idea about the long term sequelae. I hope they won’t be bad. At least not too bad.

And then the violence.

In this situation what topic can I write about. The futility of our life is hardly an encouraging topic now. When so many people live in fear. Even wondering if tomorrow would be a dream never to come true.

So friends. My blog is going to be very erratic and mostly on one topic.

Remaining calm is a tough job. I think about all those who have perished. And I prey that the world will get back to the older state with worries about climate changes and asteroids.

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