Attaining the exalted status of Moksha lies at the heat of the life of a Hindu.

The Hindu concept of life is like the Hindu concept of the Universe. Cyclic. A person is born and later dies. His actions during life are all tallied as good or bad. I suppose these are summed up and you end up as a good person or a bad person.

The very bad are consigned to hell. The very good go to heaven.

These two categories break the cycle of rebirth. But most folks belong to neither group. We are ordinary mortals living our ordinary lives. Very few of us qualify as exceptionally virtuous or evil.

Such people including yours truly are given a second chance and then a third chance and so on rather like examinations which can be given again and again.

We will be born again. Fortunately for us memory of the previous life is deleted. The idea is that you live a life virtuous as defined by the time you find yourself in. This basically ethical framework ensures reasonably social behaviour from the citizens of the world even if there are no police around.

In Bhagat Gita Lord Krishn tells Arjun that he had instructed the Sun God about the Gita. Arjun is baffled. But we are the same age Krishn how could you have explained anything to anybody eons ago. Krishn tells him: Arjun, we have both been born and we have both died countless times. You and I differ because I remember all my lives while you don’t.

Humans are spared the grief of memory enduring beyond death. That also means I have no idea where I stand on the scale of goodness. I have to assume that I am on the rather lower rungs and behave.

Is life all suffering. You bet. Do we get to see God before we are judged. I doubt that. Be


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