Spooky action at a distance, said my favourite physicist. Taken together will the super determinism of JS Bell, does this imply that God exists. Rather like e-exp(i*pi)-1=0, this does sound attractive. But wait a minute what exactly does it imply. It only says that even if every possible state of nature exists because it is so determined. It does not say a thing about God.

I was thinking about parallel universes, multiverses as some call it. In every picture I have seen these worlds are shown as kind of marbles sitting near each other neatly stacked to infinity.

This is impossible. Maybe it is because my ignorance matches the complexity of the scenario. But let me take our good old number line. Infinite Integers. That is big, this Aleph 1. You add fractions in between two integers and you have an infinity between 1 and 2. An infinity between 1/2 and 1/3. And so on.

Before we touch upon the imaginary numbers think about the extraordinary number of infinities bigger than Aleph 1 inside Aleph 1. And infinity containing an infinity bigger than itself.

Once you extend this to the complex plane the situation boggles the mind. And yet we fancy that universes are discrete, quantised do to say. That has to be wrong. Considering the primary universe as a container for an infinity of even bigger universes intermingling with each other with multiple time vectors running in all possible directions makes the picture less strange.

I mean, why time be like space, with length breadth height and other dimensions as well. Unlike in the three primary spatial dimensions ordinary humans cannot move in the several temporal dimensions.

But every society complex enough to have a religion describes apparitions manifesting and may I say unmanifesting right in front of the baffled beholder. And they also manifest in multiple spatial locations at the same, allow me to say time. Because they straddle multiple spatial dimensions while occupying the same temporal coordinates.

Time is like a massive, complex traffic pattern keeping the space coordinates same. All you have to learn is to move from one stream of lime to another, maybe several time systems simultaneously.

If everything that is possible must occur so must this. Multiple time frames and space frames both with infinite loops which appear straight like s geodesic should be real, assuming that we know what we mean by real.

I have introduced characters in my novels who move from time to another time in the same spatial coordinates so that they appear to vanish physically but are right there near you in a different time. For the time is as directionless as space. Neither forwards nor backwards but as it pleases. I realise that forward and backward are terms used with space not time.

Also imagine crossings of time. This fascinating idea is the undercurrent of my novels. I state them with no explanation and leave it at that. Maybe that is a mistake but that is how it is. And will be.

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