Hell, what the…


Hell as a construct to frighten people has worked very well over the ages. Images of fire burning forever casting baleful reddish hue and images of people burning and screaming in agony forever haunt the collective mind. May be it has served the purpose of keeping law and order in the medieval period in Europe. That was much before the exquisite tortures of modern technology created a no-touch kind of pain.

But just wtf is hell. Abandon hope and all that. Get ready for eternal pain and agony.

I don’t get it. The body with its nociceptors is left in the casket or soil as worm food or burnt in creamatoria. It is the soul which goes to hell. The damned souls and the soul of the damned are used interchangeably. I mean, is sin committed by body or the soul.

Even more importantly is the soul capable of sensing pain. That is a difficult point. The soul like a photon has no mass and without mass cannot feel pain.

So much oil wasted on souls which cannot feel anything at all.

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