Traditional vs Self


This is not about the metaphysical self although it could well be. Traditions are meant to be broken. As Bertrand Russel said it is the fate of all revolutionaries to found new orthodoxies. Every traditional publisher started as a beginner if I may say so and some grew up to become the giants we know today.

They control publishing. They build reputations and destroy them. Of course, after taking care of the profits first. Profit around the waist is the most traditional of them all.

If you are an unknown entity in the author world, poem, short story, novel, epic whatever. If you do no bring a name with you it will take a year or more to be accepted. Considering all the rejections along the way this could well be some years.

Those who dare the mould of tradition will end up unpublished because tradition is all about establishing just that, a tradition. Streamline, iron out the edges, clear the wrinkles and conform. Then, like a lodestone, the material will go to them.

Consequently the rise of two other parallel entities. The predators and the indies.

Like independent news channels the Indy your work.

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