Do I create the Universe?


The title should read did I create ? No. I meant just what I have written.

How could the universe exist if I close my eyes, shut myself up in a dark room and do not think about anything!

The time was when people had debates on the sound of a tree falling in a forest far away from anything with ears. How can there be storms on Jupiter when I know nothing about it. Is the universe the same when I wake up from my sleep. Or does reality change with my wake-sleep rhythm or even my moods.

Do all these sound silly, stupid. To me they certainly sound stupid. I think this idea is stupid.

Apparently there are people who do no think so. Starting with anthropocentrism to geocentrism to a science that detached itself from mankind and earth to a cosmic view and a mystifying view of minuscule we as an animal species have reached a stage where we can at least dream about Dyson spheres. And buying a residential plot on Mars no longer sounds ridiculous.

I think all this became possible only because we emerged from ourselves as a butterfly from our limited mental cocoon. We left the comforting embrace of an all powerful and kind god.

Why go back just because we do not understand a lot of things in the universe of the big and the tiny. Science did not jump from Aristotle to Einstein in a day. Nor from the sold atoms of Democritus to the fuzzy world of nuclear physics. We don’t know a thing about dark matter or dark energy. So what. We will. Sooner than later.

The problem facing science is that it has nothing to place the blame on. No God no Satan. It rose like tower of Nimrod and demurely stands tall.


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