Seriously, am I real.


My post on the creation of the universe and my role must have sounded presumptuous. It was meant to. I have been reading books and blogs detailing the role of consciousness in reality.

I have read that life arose in this universe because life chose to arise and kind of created a universe suitable for itself. Come on!

Do independent states of reality exist for each person? For each animal, bird and fish. After a sleep do I wake up to the same reality I went to bed in or has it mutated to accommodate my refreshed mind.

The idea of Reality boggles the mind. I agree. It is among the most profound notions of the mind. I don’t know about cats and dogs but it is certainly true of humans. Reading ancient texts of all cultures show that the thinkers of the day grappled with this phenomenon. The phenomenon called Reality.

Those who thought hard enough recognised that reality is not what it appears to be. The blue sky you see above you does not exist although chimeras do.

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