Living with God


The guy with the big G. God. Quite difficult to get along with, because of his whims and quirks. Not the least of which is that he doesn’t have a feedback mechanism. Like, if something goes wrong you don’t have way to let him know. You cannot even know if he is aware of the mess his investments on earth are in. War, Politcal imbalances, Covid. You name it.

As the creator and sustainer of this unholy earth he ought to keep both eyes or as many fish eyes he has. Come on God! I am aware that you don’t come under trade and monopolies laws. But didn’t you generate this universe and all that is. And was and will be.

Most people, the acme of your sorry attempt at creativity, would say everything is wrong over here. Maybe I should say, down here.

Start some kind of feedback reporting system, God. Which level are you from, something like K6? Maybe your feedback report system is inappropriate for this kind of ,may I say, Civilisation, if you will not laugh. But you invented it and chose to call it creation. Talk of megalomania!

I have often wondered why you chose to , create

Ok. God. I don’t mean to be harsh. Having never met you in person I don’t have the foggiest idea what kind of entity you are. May you you don’t exist like the animals down here. Maybe you don’t have a physical form. Maybe you are like Dark Matter. May be you are dark matter. Emitting dark energy. I say, at your state of evolution, can you control everything. I can understand you maybe interested in the universe. But is it that you don’t have enough time to waste of a tiny little planet out near the Styx of the universe.

I wonder why you chose to, pardon me, create the homo genus. Have you ever looked back on your little game. And then chose to leave it alone again. I assume you, at least have free will. We don’t have that and we wouldn’t know what to do with it anyway. Would you like you press Delete-All and leave vicinity.

Please do not get me wrong. Maybe you meant well. And somewhere the code was garbled. Is that what happened.

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