Homo sapiens V.2.0.1


Billions of years ago a serendipitous flash of lightning hit a biobroth somewhere and a self replicating molecule took life. It divided and over unimaginable length of time became humans. I was taught this and I see no reason yet not to believe in it.

This process of evolution is the most basic biological evolution. Like developing lungs and getting rid of the web on a frog leg by apoptosis. A powerful computer lodged inside the bones of the skull decided to take evolution along its way.

Social evolution overtook biology and there arose politicians, thieves and police. Alongside another more insidious evolution occurred. The effects of this have become evident only now.

Social life of dogs, cats, sloths and tigers have not changed. But humanity changed so rapidly that we became partitioned into human ants with no comprehension of the composite reality.

Imagine a chip in the brain of a human. We lose whatever autonomy is left to us. And this human can be controlled by the chip makers. The consequences are staggering and beyond imagination. But going by the history of evolution nothing can be done about this.

Except put hope in the goodness of the chip makers who might allow us some freedom.

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