There are more religions on this earth than you could count on your fingers. On both hands and I am quite certain both feet as well. I all these multitudes of religions God is the central theme. The edifice of the religion is built around that principal idea. I all but a few of them the theory is that humans are created after the archetype of God himself. There may be many Gods or only one. But the primary idea that humans are special in his/their eyes is the norm.

Now, common sense says that God did not spring into existence in the shape of humans. We created our own God based on our fears and premonitions. In the more primitive religions, God takes on strange, sometimes scary shapes. Sometimes he is vengeful. Sometimes he demands sacrifice-of humans.

Evidently, this is a synthesis of humans themselves. The objective is twofold- one: frighten the populace and two: provide entertainment. A mini version of the games of Rome. Gods must entertain his followers or he will be discarded.

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