Time and other things.


Time has not received the same attention as space because it is more complex than the geometrical space. Space curves, bends on itself and has tremendous burrows in it. Even more importantly you can move in any direction you choose in space and return to where you started from. Like two steps forward and then two steps backwards to reach where you started from. Moreover you can choose whether and in which direction you wish to move.
Time is different and we all know it. The main differences are that it is adamantly unidirectional and gives you no choice. This means you will keep moving forward in time whether you like it or not. No choice there. And sorry there is no retracing your path.
The reason for this strange behaviour of time may be left to itself for now. In my books I consider the situation where time is like space. Not for everyone. This freedom is given to a few people who can be considered the next step in evolution. The state where time is seen as an extension of space.
This has remarkable effects. If two people are standing in a place(x,y,x) and one of them remains in the same spatial geography but takes a step in time he will disappear instantly although he has not gone anywhere.
These entities can move into “future” or “past” as they please. Death becomes meaningless.
For want of a better word they are identified as sages, saints, sanyasi. They percolate through space and their body is not like that of the rest of humanity. Are they made of pure energy condensing as matter occasionally and as they please.
I have not elaborated on their existence in my books. So they have been overlooked.

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