Fiction and Society


Authors write. I am talking about authors of fiction. Tales are told of the past, the future, of other worlds, of super-creatures and the supernatural. I am myself guilty of this. 

Why are stories of the present absent in fiction. One could draw parables. One could sketch the situation today but only after a gap of a decade or so gives a perspective. 

That is the trouble with fiction. The present is covered by real life authors of real time in the print or visual media. After a few years their report might be shown as  biased. But what else could a person do when a heavy explosive tears his legs away or a vulture follows a live child waiting for it to die. 

Maybe fiction is an image of the world as it was or as it should be, especially in the author’s fantasy. Maybe superman and the rest are the impossible solutions to impossible but actual situations. 

Non fiction writers cover reality the way a photo does. The fiction writer envelopes that reality in a film of fiction as the writer sees fit.

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