On Existential issues


Since getting a dose of AI treatment I like many other people have rather worried about things I had previously taken for granted. Like what exactly does it mean to be human.

Empathy? Sure. But what is it. It can be mimicked easily. Watch any decent movie. Empathy flows everywhere in movies, no els, poems. And yet just what is it. A tear jerker situation in movies. The profound meaninglessness of human existence as in Dr Zhivago.

These situations were all perfect impersonations by extraordinary actors.

Feeling for one’s neighbour? I don’t know. I have seen dogs die of starvation by stopping food after their master’s death. What is that called. An elephant lost his mother when he was two years old. He keeps coming to the place where she died year after year for over eighteen years. Is it just automatic.

I wonder who is Human.

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