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Karna –

the most beloved warrior ofMahabharat. 

Born to whom? Athiradh and Radha, the charioteer or to Kunti the Queen and Mother of the Pandavas? Or just a child floating down the river in a royally outfitted basket. Kunti claims him to be her son. But is He?



Master Archer

Guru Drona refuses to teach him all that an archer should know. Especially the archers in Mahabharata, who were probably aliens. So seeks knowledge of the art on his own.

Affectionate husband

He loved his wives and children so much that he had no interest in any others, just like his friend Duryodhana.

Devoted Friend

An empire, one of the greatest in ancient India, beckoned him to be its ruler. All he had to do was cheat on his friend. Instead he died.


He had a chance to enter history as the man who defeated Arjun. But he acknowledged and bowed to his old father ending his chances at the encounter. 

Why did Karna make the choices he made?

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