Pradeep VM


On a road newly laid

Walk till you arrive, or fall down dead.

The Book(as of now)

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There was a small village in Kerala. Where about one hundred villagers lived in peace.

Without warning, a series of strange deaths occur in no logical pattern. This was a village well known for its sleepy, peaceful life. The deaths rouse the people to a new reality. That with the unknown murderer afoot, everyone’s life is in danger. Until they catch the murderer.

It does not occur to the frightened villagers that the deaths might be accidental, although some sane souls do try to make themselves heard.

The novel is about the response of people to the unexpected.

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The characters of South Kerala half a century ago. Nobody here had seen or heard about the Aurora Borealis, except maybe the Atheist But the cover design of the book is rather like a crude aurora engulfing the dormant evil in the village. Village life is sedentary, with only verbal feuds. With its elders and drunks and other residents of that time.


About myself

I am a doctor by profession. Author by passion. Blogger by desire. Google map contributor by inclination.

I have published three novels: works of fiction in a certain sense. My view of reality is hidden in these books. I hid that so well that no one has discovered it yet.

Next one is coming soon. This might be first non-fiction work.

The Village of Shadows: Here I attempt to decode the characters and incidents in the novel. A remote primitive group of people living in a small village in Kerala get their taste of the supernatural.

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