Suicide and difficulty thereof


There are ways and ways to end your life yourself. That is called suicide and is actually prohibited in some religions not to mention the law in some countries. Given all this one would think that suicide is easy like eating. Be assured it is not. It is worse than trying to sleep.

The biggest problem is committing the act itself. Unlike food once committed it cannot be undone.

Publishing is similar to that.

Traditional publishing means going after the high brow company and hoping they notice the worm at their feet. In places like India they might not even send a rejection letter: leaving the author to assume rejection in case there is no response after three to six months.

Many do not accept unsolicited manuscripts. That is like asking for experience in a newbie job applicant.

At the other extreme are the predators. They leech you. Often leave you wondering where the thunder came from.

Sadly book agencies in India are similar. This is a newly developing field in India. So maybe they will improve. Politeness has never been a strong point in the Indian polity.

DIY is a new method. Some even advice starting your own publishing company. If you are planning more than one book. Come on.

The problem with self publishing is that you have to spend more time in management than in writing.

So what is the solution. Publishing is a business. Granted. Where does the newbie author stand.

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