The wonder of the soul.


The sad thing about the body is that it is limited in volume. Unlike some gentlemen and ladies from the myths, no one can expand or contract their body. And yet, inside this meager body, the limitless soul is confined. Have you seen the soul? If you have, you are probably dead already. But those who have devoted their earthly life to the study of their own soul in which the miracle of creation, preservation, and eventual destruction is preserved have stated clearly that once you realize the soul, you are as one with nature. I believe them. I think their words are true.

The question is how do you realize the soul. Before that, what does soul mean. That is tricky. And will take some explaining. No, we cannot go there directly.

It is a serpentine road with potholes everywhere. That does not really matter because you do not drive. You walk. The road is long, and you have no transportation. But don’t let that worry you. It is the beginning that is hard and which lasts the longest. The last lap is ok. It only takes an eternity. Note the ‘an’; because eternity is of many kinds.

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